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Anonymous: Hey, I'm French and I could help you for the pronunciation of the words if you want :)

yeah sure, just let us know if we get anything wrong and we’ll change it :) thanks for the offer

Mar 30 10:21
Anonymous: Could you always add the pronunciation to your french words? :) that would be awesome!

okay sure, cool x

Feb 25 18:33
Anonymous: do you know his name on instagram?:-)

@jbmaunier xx

Feb 02 10:37
Anonymous: How tall is Jean-Baptiste Maunier

6 foot 5 according to google

Jan 28 7:16
Instagram lovers here?

btw, you can follow merve ( merveilleuxse ) and olivia ( ollivandr_ ) on instagram, if you want!

Jan 05 16:31 with 1 note
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